Creating Items

Tower Unite aims to make the item importing process as easy as possible. All of the SDK is embedded in-game and available directly from the main menu by selecting Workshop Editor on the top right.

We assume in this guide that you have prior knowledge with 3D modeling.

Step 1. Exporting

Assuming you have a model already ready to go, you just need to export it to a format Tower Unite accepts. For items, we allow importing DAE, FBX, OBJ, and SMD!

Note about textures: Please make sure you have setup your materials and pointed the textures to the correct file paths BEFORE you export!
As of workshop editor 1.0, you cannot edit these paths after importing. So make absolutely sure you are pointing to valid files or you will have missing textures when you go to import!

Note: In Tower Unite, Z is up, not Y! Make sure you set your modeling program to make Z as up!

Step 2. Importing into Tower Unite

Once you have exported the model into an accepted format, it's finally time to open up Tower Unite and load the Workshop Editor!

Once in the editor:
  • Select the "My Imports" tab.
  • Select "Item" from the dropdown.
  • Click Import.
  • Select the model you wish to import.
  • That's it!

Your model will then be converted into our format (.model). If it fails for any reason, the editor will tell you why in the Compiler Info. You can also see the entire import process there and troubleshoot any issues that come up.

You can reimport over and over until you get the perfect item!

Step 3. Metadata

You can also further edit your item for Tower Unite specific features using the metadata editor.

Currently the item metadata editor allows you to adjust the scale of the model. This is useful for quick scale fix-ups, but you could also adjust the scale in the model program as well.

We plan to expand the metadata editor extensively by adding support for colorables, wearable items, interactive items (like lamps and sounds), and canvas/media player material support.

Once you are done editing the metadata, just hit Save Metadata and when you upload your model, it'll all be included for you!

Note About Collisions

As of workshop editor 1.0, you cannot create custom collisions! All items will be auto generated convex collisions. We understand this is very limiting and we hope to have a collision editor out soon!

Step 4. Publishing

To learn how to publish your item, check out our Publishing page.

Video Tutorials