• Your creation must not violate the Rules and Guidelines For Steam.
  • Your creation must not contain sexual or pornographic content. This includes:
    • Sexually Explicit Language
    • Hypersexualized Features (over exaggerated chests, hips, "bulges", etc.)
    • Inappropriately exposed or visible skin
    • Visible undergarments or models only wearing undergarments.
    • Modeled Genitalia
    • Fetishes
    • Originates from a pornographic source that allude to their origin and/or violate any other rules
  • Your creation must not contain offensive content, hate speech, racism, gore, sexism, etc.
  • Avoid posting historical or religious figures or events (characters, recreations, public figures, etc.). Do not upload any historical or religious figures to harrass or cause a stir.
  • Do not upload creations that violate the privacy of others (likeness of real people, images of real people, doxxing). Anyone can reach out to us and have their likeness or personal information removed.
  • Do not upload malicious (including but not limited to invisible models, tiny/extremely large models) or broken assets. They will be banned from the workshop.
  • Do not upload Tower Unite game content / items that have not been modified.
  • Do not abuse tags.
  • Do not re-upload new versions of your workshop asset, update your old one. No duplicates.
  • Do not re-upload someone else's work without permission.
  • Do not upload test / work in progress assets that are not usable in the game.
  • Do not upload empty or placeholder assets.
  • If your asset is banned, do not re-upload it. You will be banned.
  • Make an effort with the thumbnail.
  • The asset must be made with the editor provided by Tower Unite.

Thumbnail Rules

  • Make an effort with the thumbnail. Random icons that are not relevant to the addon are not allowed.
  • Blank thumbnails are not allowed.

Failure to follow these rules and/or circumventing the editor limits may result in a ban from the Steam Workshop.
We and/or Valve reserve the right to remove any workshop asset, regardless of the above rules.


Component Limit
Vertices 30,000
File Size 40 MB
Materials 10

Accepted Formats

Type Formats
Player Model DAE
Item DAE, FBX, OBJ, and SMD
Textures TGA, PNG, JPG
Thumbnail PNG, JPG