• Your creation must not violate the Rules and Guidelines For Steam.
  • Your creation must not contain sexual or pornographic content. This includes:
    • Modeled Genitalia
    • Fetishes
    • Pornographic References or Origin
    • Sexually Explicit or Implicit Language and Thumbnail
  • Your creation must not contain inappropriate content. Inappropriate content includes:
    • Hypersexualized Features
    • Inappropriately exposed skin
    • Visible underwear / Only wearing underwear

    Check the Workshop Rules FAQ below for more information on the rules for sexual and inappropriate content.

  • Your creation must not contain offensive content, hate speech, racism, gore, sexism, etc.
  • Avoid posting historical, political, controversial, or religious figures or events (characters, recreations), or any model that is to be used for harassment.
  • Do not upload creations that violate the privacy of others (likeness of real people, images of real people, doxxing). Anyone can reach out to us and have their likeness or personal information removed.
  • Do not upload malicious (including but not limited to invisible models, tiny/extremely large models) or broken assets. They will be banned from the workshop.
  • Do not upload Tower Unite game content / items that have not been modified.
  • Do not abuse tags.
  • Do not re-upload new versions of your workshop asset, update your old one. No duplicates.
  • Do not re-upload someone else's work without permission.
  • Do not upload test / work in progress assets that are not usable in the game.
  • Do not upload empty or placeholder assets.
  • If your asset is banned, do not re-upload it. You will be banned.
  • Make an effort with the thumbnail.
  • The asset must be made with the editor provided by Tower Unite.

Thumbnail Rules

  • Your thumbnail should accurately represent your model.
  • Your model name, thumbnails, and description shouldn’t include language that references or alludes to sexual acts, pornography, or other sexual or sexually suggestive topics.
  • Blank thumbnails are not allowed.

Failure to follow these rules and/or circumventing the editor limits may result in a ban from the Steam Workshop.
We and/or Valve reserve the right to remove any workshop asset, regardless of the above rules.

Reporting Content

You can anonymously report content that is against the rules using the following form:
Report Workshop Form


Component Limit
Vertices 30,000
File Size 40 MB
Materials 10

Accepted Formats

Type Formats
Player Model DAE
Item DAE, FBX, OBJ, and SMD
Textures TGA, PNG, JPG
Thumbnail PNG, JPG

Workshop Rules FAQ

What happens if my model is removed?
Steam requires a temporary ban from uploading to Steam Workshop when a model is removed. This is something we cannot alter, unfortuantely.

Once your ban is over, if your model can be adjusted to follow the rules, you can try uploading the new version. Do not reupload the same model again.

I reported a model and nothing was done about it.
In this case, it’s possible the report was dismissed by another party before we got to it.

We created our own report form to handle these cases now. Please send in another report here: Report Workshop Form, and we can take a look at it.

It’s also possible we dismissed the report ourselves. If you feel a model deserves another look, you can send a report again as well.

I’m not sure if my model breaks any of the rules related to sexual content or inappropriateness and would like more info.
Here are some more details on those rules:

Inappropriately exposed skin
Don’t upload nude models. Models of anthropomorphic animals and creatures without clothes may be removed depending on the level of body detail or stylization.

Genitalia details are not allowed. Models may be removed for body details on the chest or pelvic area.

Models with clothes that expose skin on the chest may be removed if the clothing borders on nudity or is otherwise excessively revealing. These are handled case by case.

Models’ clothing should cover the pelvic area (front and back, below the midriff).

Hypersexualized features
Your model may be removed if it has commonly sexualized features that are over-exaggerated or are an otherwise very prominent aspect of the model to an extent that seems inappropriate.

Pornographic Reference / Origin
Your model should not:
- originate from a pornographic source
- depict a character from a pornographic source without modifications
- depict someone or something known for pornography

If your model follows the rules but comes from a pornographic source, or if you modify a character from a pornographic source (or related to pornography) to fit into our rules, we may allow it on a case by case basis.

Sexually Explicit / Implicit Language and Thumbnails
Your model, model name, thumbnails, and description shouldn’t include language that references or alludes to sexual acts, pornography, or other sexual or sexually suggestive topics.

Models that clearly allude to sexual fetishes such as through fetish-related clothing, over-exaggerated features, language in the description, etc. will be removed.

I’m still not sure if my model breaks the rules on inappropriate content.
That is all the elaboration we’ll be giving on specific rules, so please use your best judgment when interpreting the rules. Tower Unite isn’t intended to be a sexual, sexualized, or pornographic game.

There may be issues that arise that aren’t covered in these rules, and we handle things on a case-by-case basis. Again, please just use your best judgment.

Why don’t you allow sexual content in Workshop?
Player models are used in public areas of Tower Unite, and we don’t want players to feel like they have to be exposed to sexual or otherwise inappropriate content in order to experience Workshop content in the game.

Will you add an 18+ filter for Workshop?

What about Condos?
Condos are user hosted and have their own separate rules which can be found here: Condo Rules